All cables are made to order. "In Stock" means the parts 
are available, but the cable will only be built once the 
order is paid. Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. 


It's your cable!

NOTE: Every Customer is expected to read this policies page before purchasing any item from BTG-Audio.  Failure to do so will not consitute bending of the rules. This page is linked with EVERY SINGLE INVOICE. So don't say I didn't tell you so...


Shipping Policy

Please print clearly or type out your return address. I am not liable for lost shipments due to illegible hand-writing. I do make an effort to double check addresses before shipment, but I can't guarantee I will always. Also, please verify that your Paypal email is up to date!

I am also not liable for shipments lost by the postal service chosen. What you paid is what you get, so if you buy el cheapo postage, then that is what will be used to return the headphones. Insure your headphones if you see they are worth it. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: The customer is responsible for taking care of any customs fees or charges that occur during shipment. Customers are also held accountable for not paying for tracking. Lost international shipments without full tracking will not be honored or refunded. Express shipping is the only service with full tracking that will be honored if lost.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted on regularly stocked parts with a 25% restocking fee. However, if you order a custom length (any length other than 4ft), the fee will be 50%.

If your receive a faulty product, tell me within seven days of receiving. If your have the item shipped and you are not going to be able to test the product until after the seven days, time your purchase better. It is under your own free will that you accepted the shipment to go before there was time to test the product.

In the case you receive a faulty product, ship it back via First class or your country's equivalent and I will refund the shipping and repair the product. You may return faulty products for 75% of the cost not including s&h.

INTERNATIONAL RETURN POLICY:  Report any faults within 3 weeks of shipment.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR DAMAGED PACKAGES. Failure to purchase tracking, and/or insurance is your choice.  I will only offer support to packages that are fully tracked and insured.

Special Order Policy

All special orders are not refundable. When you special order, you assume the responsibility of the order clearing. Please make sure you have the funds and are completely certain it is what you want. Once the parts orders are placed, there will be no refunds or changes.

However, if you cancel before the order is placed with the suppliers, you will be refunded your shipping and a maximum of 50% of the invoice price. This is because of the nature of the order, which requires hours of research in developing a successful design.

Special order wire that is unused will not be held for future use. Please use the wire you ordered to avoid waste. 

Service Policy

There is no guarantee your headphones will successfully be re-cabled. In the case that your headphones are unsuccessful, I will follow the standard return policy.

Please contact me to purchase a guarantee; typically they are 25% of the retail value of your headphones and cable. This also comes with a 6 month warranty.

There is no guarantee the headphones will be perfect, both cosmetically and sonically, due to the nature of the job.

BTG-Audio reserves the right to change the policies at any given time without notice. Please check back regularly to stay up to date!

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